Saturday, October 23, 2010

What goes bump in the night.

I was going to post this last night, but I ended up going to a high school football game with my friend so that she has someone to talk to and hang out with while her daughter ran around the whole night with her friends. And, seeing as how I like to hand out with my friends no matter the venue, I was there. And I was running late, so I didn't get to post it before I left. So, why not post now? :D

I wanted to wait on posting the manicure until it was up on the website, but I decided to compete in Polish Freshie's Halloween Nail art competition. She posted all of the entries and they are seriously awesome. I wish my picture had been better so you could have seen the detailing a whole lot better. Sadly, I didn't make it into the top 3 (Or, top 4 actually). But the ones that did are pretty cool. Voting is going on now, so stop on by and cast your vote.

Here's my entry. I used my awesome hand and nail model Katherine. The design is full moon and silhouettes. The pinky is bats, ring finger is a witch on a broom, the middle finger is a tombstone, the index finger is a cat, and the thumb is a haunted house or church (however you look at it).

Sure, I'm sad I didn't make it in the top four, but I'm super proud of the design. I just wish the picture had been a whole lot better. But soon, my internet friends. Soon the pictures will be better. I promise.


  1. I think they should have placed first!

  2. I love your design and it was one of my favorites to see in that gallery! You did these all by hand and that's totally awesome! I DO wish the photo was better.

    Freshie must have had a ROUGH time picking. I am very surprised to see mine in the top four. I honestly had four favorites above my own.

    Anyways I wanted to thank you for your super nice comment. I read it first thing this morning and was all like "OMG I made the top four???? !!!!" It was stellar.

    I follow you now and can't wait to see more of your great work!

  3. I think you would've def placed if the picture was better quality. It doesn't show off the great details you do.

  4. Thank you guys so much. I really appreciate all the kind and awesome words. I'm new to the nail arting world, so I can't expect to just take a bounding lead to the top of the lists. HAHA and the ones in the top four are pretty awesome :D

    I agree, though. I think my might have done better with a better picture. But oh wells. ya live, ya learn.

    And thank yuo so much, JQ for your awesome comment :D Good luck in the contest.