Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Oh Gurl...I'm TIRED!

Man, OH man! I swear, it feels like I left one week's random drama and bounced right into a new week of drama. But, really, isn't that just like life? If its not one thing, then its the other. And most of the time I just have to remember that its how we deal with things that matters more than what the issues in life actually are.

As it is, yesterday I was given a soft curl at school and let me tell you. Those things can take up your time. For anyone that doesn't know what a soft curl is, its also known as a jerry curl. And to see it in action, watch "Coming to America." Which happened to be the same movie I was quoting in my head the entire time I was working on the man. Yes, man. Men still get this hair style. But it was cool. The dude told me about how he used to play some with the freakin' Harlem Globe Trotters! I mean...WHAT WHAT?! That's pretty amazing, I think.

Anyways, in the middle of working on my fella, my main instructor asked me if I had anyone on the books for today and since I didn't she said she was taking me with her and a small group of students to our downtown campus. They were holding a health and wellness fair and in hopes of raising awareness of the cosmetology department and what courses we offer, She wanted us to set up and do express manicures...all day.

I was in charge of getting the products together and offered up my caddy to help transport things. Including a bottle of PURE acetone polish remove that just happened to not be able to lock anymore. That also JUST so happened to spill inside my caddy in my car while I was driving in traffic and couldn't do a thing about it. That also happened to do things to my caddy that I can't even explain other than melt the door to the side and bust up the corner like a pack of cracker in the bottom of your bookbag. You know, when you forget they were in there for a snack and your books pulverize it to the point that its also gotten a hole in it and crap starts spilling out of it? Yeah...that's my caddy. I will have to take pictures of it tomorrow. Anyways, it also melted my white sweatshirt to it and when I pulled it off, black plastic was stuck to it. I'm hoping it isn't too bad and I won't have to get a new sweatshirt for school.

So, after I dealt with THAT tragedy, I had to air out my car through a small crack in my window because the fumes were seriously kicking. It was some rough stuff. We got everything to the sports center downtown, unloaded it all...and then spent the next 4 hours doing nonstop manicures. Seriously, it was like the moment one person got up to leave, I would blink, and someone would be in my chair. It was the definition of crazy sauce. We even had one lady throw a fit because we had to close down before know, so we pack things up. But no. She wasn't having it! She wanted her nails did!

Other than people not being able to take "No, I'm sorry, we are closed to clean up" for an answer, today really kinds of went out without a hitch. Oh, I take that back. We had at least one lady who felt the need to be overly picky and judgmental of the girl giving her a FREE manicure. Tell me, how can a person sit there and get something for free and all the while talk rudely to the person giving them the service? Saying things like "Oh, you don't need those guides to do a french manicure. mmhmm. Well we will just see about that." I mean, how is that even ok? Ugh, I can't even.

But I digress.

So, all in all the day was pretty great. I had a fun time, got to eat at The Fuzzy Peach (an AMAZING Frozen Yogurt bar), and got lots of great recognition for my nail art portfolio (Which I will be sharing here in the next few days). A couple of girls (Who kept circling the tables like vultures waiting for me to be done for the day) got my number to call and make appointments at the school for manicures. Which, I'm pretty stoked about.

I love it when you endure the crazy and are rewarded with that feeling when things in your life slowly seems to start coming into place.

ALSO! Don't forget about my Breast Cancer Awareness Giveaway! I will stop taking contestants on Sunday night at midnight. So get to submitting :D


  1. LOL, I always laugh when I see people rocking a jheri curl. My mom's close friend has one too, and she isn't so juicy that she leaves marks everywhere, but she's still pretty juicy. People need to leave that in the 80's where it belongs. Smh!!

    Sorry about your caddy too.
    A few drops of acetone fell on my cellphone once...complete carnage. :(
    It made this nasty, crackly pattern. But anyway, I hope your sweatshirt comes out alright.

    And congrats on the new clients!! I can't wait to see your portfolio!

  2. Thank you so much, darlin! :D Yeah...The soft curl look...girl. But hey, if you love it and it works for you, go for it.

    Acetone seriously does NOT play around. I forgot to take pictures of it today, but I will try to on Monday.

    Thank you :D I will be posting pictures here soon.

  3. Days like these are what make everything worth a lot more! You'll look back when you are a super known nail artist and laugh at all the mess in the beginning!

  4. OH you speak the TRUTH! You know, even though living through drama isn't my favorite at the time, I love the stories I get to tell from it all years later.