Sunday, October 3, 2010

Opinions, Coveting, and Pedicure

Ok, so, the good news is that Daisy is doing better and can finally keep down food. The bad news is that I think she hurt her back or hind legs today and now just...isn't herself at all. Poor thing. She's had such a rough weekend. And because of that, I have, too. I love that little girl and I feel so bad for her. It makes you just want to cuddle her.

Other than that, let's take a minute to talk about MAC's villains collection that just came out. The colors are amazing and let me just say that ever since I started cosmetology and started watching my friends that do AMAZING makeup (Yeah, I'm looking at you Natawsha and Betsy), I've found a new found love for this company. I aspire to one day own a few things from this brand. I know, a simple aspiration, but at least its easily achievable. And now with this new collection...I want some nail polish!

Mac Formidable

This is the polish I was most excited for. Its a beautiful blue and purple and glittery party for your nails. But, once I saw them in person...well, I wasn't as impressed. Which was sad. Then again, I didn't get to do more than a quick swipe of one layer on my nail, but still. At this point, I figured I wouldn't be wanting any of these polishes.

Mean and Green

Then came Mean and Green. I had no expectations for this one at it was nice when it met them and then exceeded them. Its a neat purple, blue, and green mix that also left me feeling like there was a bit of a rosy shimmer to it. Seriously you guys...pretty for your fingers.

MAC Bad Fairy

I am coveting this polish like nobody's business! Seeing this color in person and putting it on my nail...You guys, I'm seroiusly thinking that it is ok to spend more than six dollars on a nail polish. I'm looking at my bank account wondering if I can budget in a $12 polish. That's like...4 bottles of polish from my beauty supply store. If I get this, this means no China Glaze for a few days. But OMG it would be so worth it. But, hey, if any of you love me enough to get it for me (because I'm the definition of subtle), then please, don't let me stop you. ;)

Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure

I have been seeing this polish everywhere on the blogs, but I've been seeing it in posts from like, May. And due to the fact that it's October? Yeah, I might not be getting this polish anytime soon. BUT if any of you out there happen to see it, PLEASE get me a bottle and I will pay you back.

Also, in my reading of blogs, I've learned of a brand of nail polish that so many people of singing high praises. Zoya polish offers a huge line of colors and now offers spooning. Which means you can order a spoon, which is a painted plastic nail with the color you wanted to see. These spoons are 50 cents, BUT you can apply that money spent on the spoons to your nail polish order, which is pretty cool. Here's their website for you to look around. I really kind of want their Crystal polish.

Nubar has various sets of Two Way Nail Art Pens, of which, I want them all. These are awesome because if you top the top, you get a neat pen like tip. Then, if you unscrew the top, its a nail art striper brush. Which is pretty awesome.

So that's my coveting list and my opinions on the MAC polishes in their villains collection. Now, I shall leave you with a picture that my friend Kim took over the summer of pedicure on a client I had. Its a simple pink color with pink and purple plaid and hearts.


  1. lol, I want hidden treasure too!! I was looking for it all summer, but it just never happened. *sad horns* I believe there are renegade bottles floating around though. And there are dupes available...nubar 2010 is one, gosh rainbow is another, and nfu-oh 38 is another.

    Also, I'm so irritated with Orly. They dupe Formidable and Mean and Green. But instead of duping Bad Fairy, they do Zoya Charla. Which almost no one bought, because OPI and Essence have the same colors out for way cheaper. That was so foolish...if they had duped Bad Fairy instead, they would have made bank.

  2. I'm going to have to look into these dupes. Sadly, I'm trying to budget myself this month because I have a lot going on. BUT I will probably forget what budgeting even means. LOL

    Man, Orly is not my favorite now that I know that. Not that owned one of their polished to begin with. I was seriously considering Space Cadet the other day in sally's.