Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Gettin' it all ready.

Oh sweet molasses! Things have been crazy lately. I've been trying to get things together at school because this weekend I'm traveling to Greensboro to compete in a competition at the hair show there! I'm entered in the nail art competition and I'll be honest with you guys, I'm pretty nervous about it. Well, today, with the help of the awesome Rachel from school, I was able to do a really decent set of acrylic nails on the mannequin hands to get then ready! She did one hand and I did the other. But I'm still pretty stoked about it.

This is my hand. It's a little lumpy, but you can't really tell until you put polish on it.

Both hands together. There are some imperfections, but it happens. We're gonna hit them with the drill tomorrow...and I'm kind of excited about that!

So, once it was totally decided that I was going to do the competition and I was supplied with the two mannequin hands, next came trying to figure out what I was going to. I sat with my main professor today with my nail portfolio, which is such a work in progress. We went through and narrowed everything down. While I have a pansy that I LOVE and a few really nice beach scenes, It was decided that flowers and beach were commonly used themes in these competitions. So, we moved on to one of my favorite designs...the bow.

I had created a set that I call "Pink, Girlie Punk," which is a set of designs that are pink, white, black, and silver. And, after I looked at them, not that punkish. But whatevs. So, we decided to mess with some of those. I came home, played on the Wii Fit for about 30 minutes, then decided to time myself doing these designs. Because I have to do two hands in 45 minutes. Its kind of nerve wracking if I think about it too much.

So, I get things situated in my recliner, which was my first wrong decision. Next time I time myself, I'm sitting at a table with only the things that I need. Sheesh, what a time I had! It was ridonkulous! I ended up not making time, but I know why and its stuff that can be easily fixed. Once I was done with the hands, I looked a them and thought, "I'm not totally ok with that."

The finished look.

Close up of my favorite nail, the houndstooth.

There just isn't a consistency that I would like, to be honest. I love the houndstooth and the argyle. The bow on the middle finger is also a favorite of mine. I will be doing something with that bow, the houndstooth, and the argyle. I shall have some pictures on that tomorrow.

GOOD NEWS, I have found my camera! Bad news...I have no idea where my battery charger is. This is my life, guys...this is my life every time. But I will have it and my battery charged for the competition and then we can finally move on from the crappy camera phone pictures. The day to rejoice shall be in the near future.

Anything that I was to send out is in the mail. I'm terribly sorry that it has taken this long to get anything out there. I'm getting really tired of life kicking me in my face. I'm about ready to start fighting back.

Also, as I am sure some of you know, the month of November is Nanowrimo. National Novel Writing Month. I'm working on a story myself, though I thought it might be fun to sort of honor Nanowrimo in my blog and make a really conscious effort to write a post a day.

AND! This is what I'm super excited about. The preciously mentioned Rachel from school used to be a nail tech for like...years. AND she's agreed to teach me in her ways. haha She also said I was welcome to video her with doing nails and everything and that I can share it on here. Which, I probably will be doing. I'm also thinking about doing things with reflexology and massages...because hand massages are amazeballs.

But, that's all for now. I'll post the final nail idea for the competition tomorrow.

It's good to be back :D


  1. Those nails may not be PUNK but they are tre cute.

  2. Ooh, I love the nails!! The houndstooth nail is definitely amazing, and I can't wait to see what your final design is.

    And congrats on finding your camera! Sux about the charger though...bleh.

  3. I love that houndstooth design!!!!!

  4. The houndstooth is awesome! You could try to use it on every nail somehow, it would give you more consistency that way.
    hahaahahahah look at me, as if I know much .....
    I guess it's the designer in me that wants to come out and play sometimes ...

  5. Thank you guys so much!

    Yeah, Mistress Zombie, It isn't punk at all LOL I don't know why I liked to use that term. ITs more Girlie than anything else.

    Thank you so much, CB. :D The houndstooth is oddly enjoyable to paint. I really enjoy doing it. And thank on the camera bit. YEah, the battery issue is not a good thing right now. Tomorrow I'll be cleaning up a storm to try and find it.

    Chloe, thank you so much :D

    Fer, I would love to do houndstooth on all the nails. I actually tried to do a hounds tooth french tip and it was rather cute, to be honest. But I totally see what you mean about that.